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liquid Xtreme Beerpong Trophy II

The second round of the liquid Xtreme beerpong trophy was held on march 17th.

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World Championships Seattle

For more information about the event, locations, etc. visit 

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International Open Ybbs

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About us

„Liquid xtreme“ was founded in september 2016 in Ybbs/Donau (lower austria).

Among a variety of events we are organizing we can be booked for different events, annual works outings etc. If you are interested or have any questions don´t hesitate to contact us.

We are also a formula 2 waterski racing team (Team Sixty-9) and compete in national and international races. In the past each member of our team already could reach great results national and international in different teams, at european cup races or european championships. Now we all have one same goal – competing at the waterski racing worldchampionships in Seattle, USA from 26th of July until 06th of august 2017.

What is Waterski Racing?

A fast boat, an experienced driver and observer as well as an athletically trained and fearless skier, who is skiing at about 145 km/h above the water – THAT is waterski racing.

Check out this video for more information.

In a permitted time (45 minutes at ladies class, 60 min. at men´s) you have to ski as much laps as possible. The observer - sitting reversed in the boat – communicates with the skier by signals and gives it directly to the driver so he knows if to slow down or go harder. If you are nosey and have any questions or feedback feel free to contact us.

Yours, Team Sixty-9 (Liquid Xtreme)